Below you will find the answers to some questions we are frequently asked. If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to call us.

Store full cartridges away from empty ones.
You would be surprised how many times people place an ‘empty’ cartridge that someone else has removed, back into a printer. (Especially with remanufactured cartridges).

Keep a spare cartridge.
This may sound obvious, but a cartridge will only run out when it is being used. Murphys’ Law dictates that this is normally at the most critical time. Therefore, try to keep a spare on site, especially if you have two or more of the same type of printer.

Gently rock cartridge from side to side before installing.
This redistributes the toner evenly, which may have settled to one side during transit.

Remove separator card.
Most laser cartridges have a separator strip (separator card) which keeps the toner away from the drum unit during storage and transit. Check for a ‘pulling tab” at the side of the cartridge. If a tab (usually labeled) exists, pull the tab and separator card out (after rocking the cartridge), until it is completely free from the cartridge. If for some reason the separator strip won’t pull out completely, cut the strip with a pair of scissors as close to the cartridge body as possible and use as normal.

How do I tell if my cartridge is empty?
As a cartridge approaches the end of its cycle you will notice that the print may start to fade, or you may get completely blank areas on your page. To optimise the page count from your cartridge, simply remove the cartridge from the printer, gently rock from side to side (to redistribute the toner) and place the cartridge back into the printer. This will ensure that all available toner is exhausted in the cartridge.

Printing sticky labels.
Always use full sheets of labels in you laser printer. If you use partially used sheets of labels, the gum residue can stick to the drum of the cartridge rendering it unusable. If you print ‘one-off’ labels on a regular basis, please call us, as we also supply special label printers that are designed for such an operation.

What if I experience other print problems?
The first thing to do is change the cartridge. This will determine if the problem is associated with the cartridge or in fact may be a printer problem (when was the last time your printer was serviced?). If you are unsure as to the source of the problem, please call us. We can help you isolate the problem and determine the appropriate action to take.

Cartridge Warranty.
All cartridges supplied by us are covered by warranty (either manufacturers or our own). Therefore, should you experience a problem, please call us first. We could save you time and money by getting you back printing as soon as possible.

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